Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Screaming Tunnel, Thorold, Ontario

One of Niagara area's favorite urban legends has to be the Screaming Tunnel. There are many variations of the story, but let's go with this one.

Early in the 1900's, there stood a house not far from the south end of the tunnel. One day the drunken husband set his house on fire, killing his wife. The daughter escaped and ran away, ending up in the tunnel. Her enranged father caught up with her and lit her on fire right in the tunnel.

If you light a wooden match inside the tunnel on a full moon, it will be blown out .... followed by a blood curdling scream!

This is a hotspot for teenagers seeking out a spooky experience or a place to sneak off to drink beer.

We went to investigate one day but there were too many spiritseekers so we returned the following week where we had the place all to ourselves.  We conducted five EVP sessions inside the tunnel with no results.

Close to Niagara so it is a nice addition to a trip to the Falls. Located on Warner Road, Thorold.