Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Magnolia Manor, Bolivar, Tennessee

Special guest investigator! - Horror Writer, Shane Soll
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Case Number: 2012-43
Case Name:  Magnolia Manor B&B
Date: October 31, 2012
Time: 8:30pm to 9:00am Nov 1st

Investigation Location: 418 North Main Street, Bolivar, Tennessee 38008

Notable History of Location

Magnolia Manor was used as a Headquarters for the Union Army by Generals Logan, McPherson,
Sherman and Grant during the Civil war and it is believed to be the home in which these four Generals
planed the battle of Shiloh.  Three generations of the Miller family lived in the house until the 1970's.
Charles Austin Miller, son of Judge Austin Miller, followed his father's footsteps to become a prominent
attorney and later the Secretary of State of Tennessee. One of C.A. Miller's daughters Lizzie Lea Miller
was also elected State Representative and the first women in the history of Tennessee to achieve this.
The house has since been owned by only two other families. It has operated
as a bed and breakfast since 1985 by Owner and Inn Keeper Elaine Cox.
Governors, Celebrities and even a Vice President have inquired about or
stayed at Magnolia Manor.
Date Built: 1849
Physical Description of Site: Classic two-storey Georgian Colonial brick.
Number of Rooms - Four bedrooms in the main house and nine fireplaces.
Two of the bedrooms are suites.
Additional Structures - 3-room Slave Cottage on adjoining property.

Name of person/s who will be joining the investigation who are not part of the investigative team:
Horror writer, Shane Sollis
Cynthia Sollis
List of equipment used:

Mel-Meter 8704R-rem milligaus and temperature, P-SB7 AM/FM Frequency Sweep Radio, Digital Video Recorder,
Laser Grid, Panasonic Digital Recorder, Olympus Digital Recorder, Full Spectrum Video Camera,
KII - Milligauss Meter , Canon G10 digitial camera, Canon Rebel T3i dSLR digitial camera, divining rods.
Moon cycle:
Waning gibbous - The moon is growing smaller (old moon).
Fraction of the moon: 0.55072926384138
Weather conditions:

High: 55.04ºf @4:53 PM    Low: 35.96ºf @8:53 PM    Approx. Rain Total: 0 in.

Personal Experience:
Location: 1849 Room
High EMF Readings to the left side of bed in 1849 Room. No source of high readings - location midair.
Location: Front parlor
Change of temperature - Asked Spirit to lower the temperature - went from 71.0F to 66.6F within a minute.
Then raised to settle back to normal room temperature.
Location: Upstairs hall and 1849 room
Guest investigator, Shane complained about noises on the staircase and furniture being moved in the 1849
room next door. Innkeeper, Tom, also commented about the commotion upstairs all night long.
For more information:

1849 Slave Cottage at Magnolia Manor, TN

ParaHunt Slept Here - This cottage was built in 1849 as a slave/cooking quarters to the main house - Magnolia Manor. Originally there was a conveyor belt from the cottage to the main  house.

Prior to our investigation that evening, we left a digitital recorder turned on for about an hour while we were out. Upon review of the recording, there appears to be footsteps, bangs, drawers opening and cupboard doors slamming for almost the full hour! While we were there, the house was eerily quiet - with no unidentified sounds being made.
The innkeeper told us of recent activity here:
* apparition of a black lady and child
* captured EVP "don't burn the food, chile"


Shiloh Civil War Battlefield, Tennessee

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nelson Co. Jail - Jailers Inn B&B, Bardstown, KY

Investigation report coming soon!


Spirits Said to Hover About the Nelson County Bastile.

The Nelson county jail is haunted. At least that is the verdict of many of those people who have from time to time been incarcerated therein. Though a comparatively new structure, having been erected in 1874, a number of grewsome occurrences have transpired within its wall.

Here it was George Murrell, the notorious outlaw, after being fatally shot by Marshall Hunter, lingered and died in the most awful agony. Harvey Pash, a negro murderer, and Phil Evans, a negro rapist, spent their last months upon earth within the gloomy edifices and were finally led forth to die upon the scaffold which still stands, a forbidding looking object, close to the walls of the building.

Martin Hill, a wife murderer, died in a cell of the jail of a consuming fever, after weeks of lingering torture, and thereby cheated the gallows. It is said by those in the position to know that it is the spirit of this last named who haunts the jail, and surely his crime was horrible enough and his death of such agony as to cause his miserable spirit to know no rest. In the early part of 1885 Marin Hill walked into a neighbor’s house, where his wife had fled to escape his brutal treatment, and shot the defenseless woman down without a word of warning.

Hill’s reputation had always been unsavory and though he came of a good family, his career had been thoroughly wicked. His last and crowning criminal act the inhuman murder of his wife, aroused the deepest indignation and the women of his neighborhood swore that if he was not brought to be hanged, they would themselves tear down the court house stone by stone. However, before he could be brought to final trial, he was smitten by fever, which resulted in his death.

Citizens, who attended him in his last illness, avow that his sufferings were the most terrible ever witnessed, and that during his moments of delirium his ravings and blasphemies were awful to hear. Prisoners who have since been confined in the jail where he died, he is heard, it is alleged, pacing up and down, as was his wont, during his confinement. He is also heard to groan and toss restlessly upon his bunk, and, as a climax to the whole, the blood curdling scream he omitted while struggling in the throes of death, rings again through the stone corridors, with thrilling distinctness. These and many other manifestations are spoken of, and he is considered a brave man, indeed, who will willingly venture near the haunted cell after night.

Within a few yard of the haunted structure is situated the original old stone prison, built near the close of the last century by “Old Stone Hammer” Metcalfe, afterwards Governor of Kentucky, John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat, died in the old jail. He was not a prisoner, however, but was boarding with the jailer, Alexander McCown, who was his dearest friend. Many noted criminals have looked through the bars of this old prison house, among them Watson, the murderer of two men, who was the first white man legally executed in Nelson County. Three negro slave, who assassinated their master, James G. Maxwell and Samuel H. Calhoun, a Federal soldier, who murdered William Sutherland, a prominent citizen, were led to the gallows from this old jail.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Backus Mill Heritage Village

Gearing up for tonight's investigation at the Backus Mill Heritage Village with a gristmill that was built in 1798. It contains one of the few mills not burned down during the War of 1812. The mill was operational until 1957 and is now a national historic site. Joining us tonight will be Shannon, a spirit medium, and Kiersten, a reporter from the Port Dover Maple Leaf newspaper.

Stay tuned for full investigation report coming soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Norfolk Tavern & The Brig

The eerily haunted Norfolk Tavern and The Brig have stood in this sleepy fishing town of Port Dover on the shores of Lake Erie on Long Point Bay in Ontario, Canada for 200 years, with legends and lore created and embellished throughout the ages.
Soldiers from three separate battles including the War of 1812, sailors from around the world and renegade prisoners from the Fenian invasions of 1866 - all spent time at this establishment.
But not all of them left..... explore the ghost tales and stories of the unexplained of this very important tavern/prison/hotel or why not visit yourself and leave with your own legends.
For more information:
PICTORIAL - ParaHunt Investigates the Norfolk Tavern CLICK HERE
Coming soon ... paranormal investigation report.