Monday, February 20, 2012


Case Number: 2012-03

Case Name: Iron Island Museum

Investigation Location:
998 East Lovejoy Street
Buffalo, New York 14206

Date: February 20, 2012 @ 5:00pm to 1:00am

Property Owner Name:
The Iron Island Preservation Society of Lovejoy, Inc.

Linda Hastreiter, President


ParaHunt Investigators:
Claudia & Ted

Notable History:
Built in 1883 as an Methodist-Episcopal Church.
Abandoned and then reopened as a Funeral Home in the late 1950's.
In 2000, owner of Amigone Funeral Home donated the building to the preservation society.

Areas of Reported Paranormal Activity:
Train Room
Military Room
Main Corridor

Equipment Used:

Digital Camera T3i and G10, IR Thermometer, Digital Hand Held Recorder, IR Camera ,
K2 Meter , HD Sony Video Camera, Full Spectrum Video Camera, Olympus Digital Recorder,  
Panasonic Digital Recorder, Laser Grid, 4 camera IR surveillence cameras, Digital Video 
Recorder, trigger objects such as period music, recorded sermon, etch-a-sketch, cat toys.

Weather Conditions at 5:00pm:
Clear - Temperature 34F
No Precipitation
Barometric pressure 101^

(we also noted that there was no snow in Buffalo - that's scary)

Moon Phase:
Illuminated fraction 0.0006 - in other words, no moon visible.

Recording/Base temperature readings:
Average temperature between 65 and 68F.
Baseline temperature of note - alter in chapel room 66.6F.

Personal Experiences:
Undertones of whispers throughout the building, but no discernable words.
Cold spots
Feelings someone was standing right behind you

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Investigation Overview:

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