Monday, October 1, 2012

Norfolk Tavern & The Brig

The eerily haunted Norfolk Tavern and The Brig have stood in this sleepy fishing town of Port Dover on the shores of Lake Erie on Long Point Bay in Ontario, Canada for 200 years, with legends and lore created and embellished throughout the ages.
Soldiers from three separate battles including the War of 1812, sailors from around the world and renegade prisoners from the Fenian invasions of 1866 - all spent time at this establishment.
But not all of them left..... explore the ghost tales and stories of the unexplained of this very important tavern/prison/hotel or why not visit yourself and leave with your own legends.
For more information:
PICTORIAL - ParaHunt Investigates the Norfolk Tavern CLICK HERE
Coming soon ... paranormal investigation report.


  1. I used to work at this bar and had an experience in the women's washroom down in the brig as I was cleaning downstairs in the brig I decided to fill a pail of water and soap from a closet in the women's washroom as I was doing so the lights in the women's washroom went out and the door locked I was yelling for someone to let me out but no one else was down in the brig with me I tried opening the door it would not open finally I yelled and said whoever you are you need to let me out now all the sudden the lights came back on and the door opened that was a very scary experience

  2. I am actually doing some research in Norfolk County right now and would love to hear stories about Port Dover