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McFarland House, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada Aug 14, 2010


The home is of particular historical significance as it survived the burning of Newark, a tragedy which took place when the American forces occupying Fort George retreated from the area in December 1813. This makes McFarland House one of the oldest structures in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
John McFarland and his sons built the house in 1800 from bricks made in a kiln on the property. A back wing was added later in the nineteenth century in order to accommodate the needs of this growing family. During the War of 1812 McFarland House was used as a hospital by both the British and the American armies and a gun battery was situated on the property to help guard the Niagara River.


ParaHunt team arrived around 5:30pm whereby we familiarized ourselves with the outside areas, including surrounding woods and knolls. Exterior pictures taken and reviewed with no anomalies in surrounding woodlands.

After the tour given by staff, the team setup equipment. We took base temperature readings in all rooms prior to group investigation.

We had two digital voice recorders running, preset to correct recording positions. However, when reviewing evidence, one recorder’s buttons had been turned to manual settings and no discernable recordings were made on that recorder.

Very uncomfortable chest feelings which began in the parlour and heightened in the children’s room. It felt like someone was standing on my chest and that I could not breathe deeply enough to catch my breath. This feeling eased in the servant’s room when I was standing beside the hanging spices, which perhaps were used historically for medicinal purposes.

The high EMF readings in the parlour from the inside hall wall approx 3 feet off the ground to the left of the piano was attributable to furnaces and electrical panels in the cellar directly below. No anomalies noted.

No maglite communication.


1. 01LightOrb Basement – Video Tape – Top Left at 7 sec. Light anomaly during EVP session. Camera with infrared light used. Present: Carol, Gary, Claudia and Ted.

2. 02Parlour Parlour – Video Tape – During EVP session, Carol experienced a touching sensation. Claudia felt that the candles in the dining room were swaying. First noticed sensation of tightening of chest here. Present: Carol, Gary, Claudia & Ted.

3. 03MovieSpiritBox Soldier’s Room – Video Tape – Using the Radio Shack 20-125 spirit box, answer to questions posed. These included name “Jackson” and answer to how many here “eight” then “seven” then back to “eight” when Gary asked. But responded as “two” when Carol asked. Present: Carol, Gary, Claudia and Ted.

4. 04EVPPanting Childrens’ Room – Audio Tape –Unidentified anomolies on tape are “gasping” for breath sounds, panting at .08 sec, .25 sec and .40 sec. Here Claudia experierenced an almost asthmatic attack feeling like there was intense pressure on my chest and lungs. Present: Carol, Gary, Claudia and Ted.

5. 05Debunked Soldier’s Room – I thought that we captured a child spirit darting past us in the room. But upon closer examination it was only the Digital Thermometer. Present: Claudia and Ted.

Baseline room readings:

Dining Room 76’, Hall 77’, Library 77’, Lower Hall 77’, Basement 81’, Soldier’s Room 77’,
Master Bedroom 75’, Baby Nursery Area 72’, Children’s Bedroom 77’, Servants Room 76’,
Upper Hall 72’

Moon Cycle:

Waxing crescent, 32.2% illuminated


Minimum Temperature 22.0 °C, Mean Temperature 27.3 °C, Maximum Temperature 32.0 °C,
Total Precipitation 0.00 cm, Maximum Sustained Wind Speed 12.00 kmh

Equipment Used:
Digital movie camera with infrared nightlight, 2 digital recorders, 2 Maglite, KII meter, Digital Camera,
Radio Shack converted Spirit Box, Infrared Thermometer


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