Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Normandale Cemetery, Normandale ON - Aug 2010

Everytime I have travelled past this small countryside cemetery, I have had this very uneasy drawing sensation. Something about it being on a dangerous curve into town sends shivers down my spine. I travelled back one Sunday to investigate.


  1. I know what you mean about walking the grounds of the Cemetery. I have also had the feeling that there is something there. It seems to be always windy when I go to visit.

    Acutally I helped my parents build the gates at the cemetery years ago. Because of how the bend is in the road, my Dad put in reflector glass in the stone work so you can see it at night, to make sure you make your turn on the road and not end up in the cemetery.

    I do remember years ago that there was something weird at the old Inn that is in Normandale - that people thought that they saw a woman walking down the hallway. Then again, you wouldn't see her.

    Also there have been people that believe that they had seen someone on the road when they drove down the one area on Spooky Hollow Road. It is the area where the trees seem to bend over the road. When they had seen someone, and they thought they were getting closer to them, all of a sudden they were gone.

    But I guess in a small Hamlet and over the years stories are told and you don't know what my be fact or fiction.
    But I always had a weird feeling myself driving down Spooky Hallow Road, especially late at night.

    It was nice talking to you


    1. Thanks so much, Jeanette, for sending this email and your experiences in the area.

      I did never knew about the hotel until yesterday, actually, when my husband was returning from London, he drove the lakeshore and went through Normandale again - this time, he noticed the Union Hotel - all the times we've gone through town, we never noticed it - until now.

      And, no, I didn't know that road was called Spooky Hollow from Normandale to Simcoe. We always drove along Front St to Dover. Wow - another place and less than an hour from us!

      We have gone through Normandale almost on a weekly basis in the summer for years - and always mentioned that creeped out feeling of this small hamlet. The killing of the rum-runners back in Prohibition Days spawned the legends of the killed men haunting the area as well.

      I'll be checking with other members of the ParaHunt team to see if they are interested in spending a night at the Union Hotel. It is definitely worth an investigation.

      Thanks so much for reigniting our interest in this area.

      Best regards,