Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Energy Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona

In Sedona, Arizona, there is an area that contains the concentrated energies rising from the red stoned earth. Some believe that the Vortexes of Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Airport Mesa and other vortexes are portals to celestial and terrestrial spirits.

It is long been revered as the spiritual centre of the earth. But regardless of your beliefs you will definitely feel something just being in the vicinity of one of these incredible spots - from tingling on your skin to vibrations emanating from the ground.

The energy swirls out of the earth and the nearby vegetation is affected. Trees have spiralling trunks and are gnarled by the forces.

Climbing to the top of Boynton Canyon Vortex is a steep uphill climb. As you ascend, you will begin to find renewed energy and your previous breathlessness is replaced by a calming peace - your pulse slows drastically and exertion is effortless.

Claudia's experience at Boynton Canyon - Ted and I spent one full day, visiting each of the main vortexes around the town of Sedona. While we conducted EVP sessions and videos, the winds at the top of each location swallowed out any possible communications with the spirits - each recording has a thrumming, humming wind whispering sound. But then again, perhaps this was Mother Earth singing to us.

Trekking the mile or so from the empty parking lot to the base of Boynton Canyon in the late afternoon, we noticed that there were no other hikers and the area took on a very eerie feeling. Suddenly on the path ahead of us, this older gentleman with a long walking stick, white goatee and Tilly hat pulled low over his eyes, came into view. As he approached, he held out his closed hand. Opening it, he showed us this silver dollar sized red rock shaped like a heart. He said to me, "This was meant for you," and placed it in my palm.

Looking down and distracted for a few seconds, I turned to thank him and he wasn't there anymore. We didn't hear him walk off and weren't quite sure how he could have rounded the next bend so quickly. Shaking our heads and thinking, oh well, we continued to the Vortex, climbing up the steep incline to our final destination.

Once we got up there, we noticed a tree containing lots of red rocks nesting in the V formed by the branches of a twisted and gnarled tree. It was then I realized that this heart belonged up here, and after a tantric meditation it was placed with all the other prayers to this mystical vortex.


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